lauantaina, maaliskuuta 08, 2008

How's your underwear, Kiss my Singer

Armi on saanut erittäin luotettavalta taholta haltuunsa nauhoitteen, jossa eräs ministeri talkkaa englantia pitämässään puheessa. Tässä on varoittava esimerkki siitä, mitä tapahtuu, kun tekstiviestit ja puhe ovat samassa kommunikaattorissa:

Ladies and Gentlemen,
as You might know, Finland lies between Sweden and the Sovjet Union, which demans a lot of us in this global and hectic political situation. In Finland there is an issue about should we join NATO or not. I think that we should. I want to express my warmest thanks to the Chairman of Transatlantic society for the opportunity of clarify our views of these strategic issues. In Helsinki
(PIIP.. PI... PIIP) is erotic .... I mean Helsinki is very exotic city.... You are very wellcome... Underwear, white.... Uh... I mean Under this political situation Finland will join NATO next year. (PIIP... PI....PIIP) Kiss my Singer....!?? (PIIIP.... PIIP....) ..uhhh Henry Kissinger was a great statesman and once he told me that "There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full." (PIIP... PIIP).... Sex.... I should say complex problems can be solved together!

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